Harmony party is Putin’s fifth column

Tvnet – Latvia | Sunday, October 5, 2014

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It’s no big surprise that the pro-Russian Harmony party received almost one quarter of the vote, the Internet portal Tvnet believes: “Twenty-three percent for Harmony is neither surprising nor shocking. The party had already received 20 percent and more in past elections, and the majority of its voters have always been situated in the Latvian capital. Now, however, this pro-Kremlin party has managed to bring together those inhabitants of Latvia who want to live in a state of self-imposed isolation and who support party leader Nils Ušakovs’ efforts to make Latvia part of Putin’s empire. This is further evidence that many long for a return to the old Soviet era. It will be difficult to integrate the advocates of this colonialist mentality into Latvian public life. Those who voted for Harmony don’t want to be integrated. They want to go on being Putin’s fifth column in Riga, Daugavpils oder Liepāja.”

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